Zulu Wedding – A review


Author: Dudu Busani-Dube
Pages: 358
Language: English
Genre: Fiction
ISBN-13: 9780639939100
First published: 2018
MY LOVE for all things literary had been slipping. I was worried that I was losing the one thing that I have always enjoyed – reading. Without the reading pleasure, what else could I unreservedly enjoy?
Anyway, a trip to Johannesburg sent me on a bookshop trawl, trying to discover what’s new on the literary scene and what could spur those literary juices flowing again.
My trawl revealed a book that I was initially sceptical about – Zulu Wedding by Dudu Busani-Dube.
This is an unconventional book – whereas films are adapted from books, this book is an adaptation of the movie Zulu Wedding.
Zulu Wedding, the book, was never a “love at first sight” kind of affair for me – the shop attendant at the bookstore introduced me to it.
This is because the book itself doesn’t give a summary of what it’s about as is the norm at the back cover of a book; instead, it gives an excerpt of a dialogue in the book. CLICK 

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