Zuba to shine on Monday

ZAMBIA’S first-ever telenovela, Zuba, is back on the screens on Monday after an about four months break.
Producers of the telenovela are warning soap opera-lovers that they will be glued to their TV screens because season two will be full of enthralling drama.
The first season, which had 60 episodes airing on Zambezi Magic channel 160, ended around March this year, leaving keen followers of Zuba in Zambia and South Africa yenning for more.
Zuba portrays a story of a young and pretty Zambian girl named Zuba (Mwaka Mugala) who faces a number of battles from her stepmother as she struggles for survival.
A young girl from Maluba village, Zuba has just obtained her school certificate and her dream of going to fashion school can now become a reality.
The innocent rural teenage girl left her family and education behind to do a maid’s job with a complex, wealthy urban Sosala family where she falls for the younger son of the house, Thando.
In season one, Zuba’s stay at the Sosala’s is not short of misfortunates, leaving viewers sad and shocked at the arrest of the ‘innocent’ village girl.
Season two is back on Monday and Zuba, a summer that brings joy to broken hearts, will have to prove her innocence following her arrest.
Julien Adam, one of producers of Zuba, told the Weekend Mail in an interview that season two has “lots of drama and secrets”.
“Season two has lots of drama and interesting new characters,” Adam, who was tight-lipped about the identities of the new characters, said.
He said viewers should look out for interesting and captivating acts that will complement the first season.
“Remember, season one ended with Zuba going to jail. She will now have to prove her innocence,” Adam said.
Unlike season one which aired from Monday to Thursday, the second season has an extra day and more episodes.
“Zuba will now air from Monday to Friday at 20:00.
“Unlike season one which had 60 episodes, we have produced over 120 more episodes, so season two will have more episodes,” Adam said.
The premiere for season two of the coveted soap opera is set for today at Sterkinekor, Manda Hill at 17:00.
The event will coincide with the premiere of another soapie called Mpali, loosely translated as polygamy.
Mpali is a story of a man who has to balance it out with six wives.

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