Letter to the Editor

Zodwa: Just another child in need of salvation

Dear editor,
IF ZODWA had come into Zambia and a day before her performance she were summoned to the Ministry of Guidance and Religious Affairs, and counsel given that “kuno waisa tupepa Lesa, be mindful of how you conduct your shows”, this could have been done away from public spectacles.
The result would have been a young girl leaving Zambia impacted by God’s love. I recall time of a certain indiscretion in my life when I was asked to stay away from church.
That phase (which somehow led me to even start playing golf) made me so distant from God to the point where I believe that our biggest mission as Christians is not to cast out “immoral people” but instead lovingly help them to see the love of God in us.
Zodwa is just another child in need of salvation. Pray for her as you go to those churches. Let her see the bigger picture in all this and one day, she may come back here to give testimony about how the Zambian experience became a “road to Damascus” experience.
Love God. Love people.

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