Letter to the Editor

ZNWL congratulates Mizinga Melu

Dear editor,
THE Zambia National Women’s Lobby (ZNWL) congratulates Ms Mizinga Melu on her latest appointment as chief executive officer of Africa Regional Management at Barclays Bank.
Ms Melu, who has previously held equally formidable positions in the banking sector, is an inspiration to women in Zambia as she continues to excel in positions that have historically been the preserve of men.
We are proud of Ms Melu’s track record of hard work and feel encouraged by such progression, which not only enhances the profile of our Zambian women but also increases their number in decision-making positions.
Through her appointment, Ms Melu, like other women in her position, continues to dispel age-old misconceptions about the ability of women to perform at the highest level.
We have no doubt that Ms Melu, who becomes the first Zambian woman to hold such as position, will ably execute her duties and raise the Zambian flag higher.
As ZNWL, our resolve is strengthened to further advocate the increased participation and representation of women and girls in all development processes.

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