ZNS boss counsels newly-weds

ZAMBIA National Service commandant Nathan Mulenga has said the strongest form of democracy is in a home.
Lieutenant-General Mulenga said when democracy is allowed to thrive in a home, all forms of marriage abuses will cease.
Gen Mulenga said marriage is about honesty and dialogue.
“For reasons I shall term personal, I want to openly declare and plead illiteracy on regular marriage teachings, but speaking from my personal conviction, I want to advise the couple that contrary to the traditional teachings which say a lady should submit to a man, my view is different on this subject. I know this is a quotation from the Bible, but I feel strongly we mostly misapply it,” he said.
Gen Mulenga added: “Either part should be able to pose questions and the other half should be able to provide answers. Great gurus in matters of marriage have stated that marriage is about honesty and dialogue,” he said.
He also said pretence in marriage should never be entertained.
Speaking at the wedding ceremony of his nephew Mweene Kabunda who married Nancy Lombe in Lusaka last Wednesday, Gen Mulenga noted that once pretence is allowed in a marriage, the once vibrant and blossoming marriage will join the long queue on the cause list of divorces in the courts of law.

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