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ZLA hails Lungu over fair land allocation

President Lungu with other Heads of States at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Pictures by Eddie Mwanaleza

ZAMBA Land Alliance (ZLA) says the 50:50 land allocations to men and women announced by President Edgar Lungu on Women’s Day will make women more productive given security of land tenure.
In an interview in Lusaka recently, ZLA board vice chairperson Mpenza Mwanza said her organisation is excited that President Lungu has directed the Ministry of Lands to give 50 percent of land to female applicants.
“We are excited with the directive made by President Lungu to implement the women land ownership,’’ she said.
Mrs Mwanza said there are a lot of benefits that come with empowering women with land such as increased productivity and family income.
“The income realised from the sale of crops will be used to meet family needs such as paying school fees for the children and the poverty levels will go down,’’ she said.
She hopes that women will be able to acquire land and use it to produce more crops and in turn improve nutritional statuses of their families.
Mrs Mwanza said President Lungu’s desire to empower women with land should not only end with the pronouncement, but that the responsible officers should implement the directive accordingly.
She said Government should put in place measures to ensure that the empowerment of women with land is actualised.
Mrs Mwanza said the Minister of Lands should look at the barriers women have been facing in the process of land acquisition.
She said the process of land acquisition is tedious, noting that people have to travel to Lusaka or provincial centres to process title deeds.
She said this process makes it difficult for women, especially those from rural areas, to acquire land.
Mrs Mwanza further said the Ministry of Lands should look at the high and inhibitive costs of buying land and also ensure to make the process user-friendly to illiterate women so that they, too, could have security of land tenure.
She said the ministry should also make the process of processing title deeds less cumbersome.

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