‘ZITF platform for trade’

THE Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) consulate general Chantal Maloba says the Zambia International Trade Fair (ZITF) is a best platform to promote trade ties between the two countries.
Ms Maloba said that the country will continue taking advantage of the fair to enhance trade.
Speaking in an interview during the 51st ZITF yesterday, Ms Maloba said over 15 exhibitors from the DRC are participating at the fair to showcase their products and also create trade linkages.
“We are happy that we even won second-best international exhibition award. Yes, this event will promote trade ties between Zambia and DRC.
“We are participating so that we can also develop our economy,” she said.
Ms Maloba, however, said firms are facing challenges in bringing goods because they are transported by road.
She said there is need for the two countries to start using the railway line to improve movement of goods.

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