Letter to the Editor

Zimbabwe on recovery road

Dear editor,
THE newly-appointed Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Finance Minister have set a very pragmatic and stringent recovery tone for Zimbabwe.

In just his few days in office, he has trimmed the ministries from 27 to 21 and cautioned his cabinet against extravagance as he works towards rejuvenating the economy of this once great nation.
His finance minister on the other hand has also set farming as an economic engine for Zimbabwe and his policy seems will actually work well for the nation and its people.
Together, they believe pragmatic and tough decisions have to be set to recover the economy of Zimbabwe from the sick bay.
The entourage for most political assignments abroad has equally been trimmed to reduce the expenditure and has emphasised that designate embassies will have to always represent the country in respective nations where they are domiciled where need be.
This is what is really what is needed for economic recovery for Zimbabwe.
Every dollar is needed in the country to uplift every Zimbabwean’s life, not only to please a few individuals.
Let us for now wait and see what will become of Zimbabwe in the next six or so months before the general elections given the sound and strict political pronouncements.

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