ZICTA awards Airtel innovations

THE Zambia Information Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) has awarded Airtel as the telecommunications company with the most revolutionary products and services in 2014.
The award was presented at their annual awards ceremony held in Lusaka recently.
Airtel Networks Zambia Plc head of corporate communications and government relations Yuyo Kambikambi confirmed the development in a statement yesterday.
“Airtel has been awarded for being a leader in introducing innovative products on the market. Amongst the notable products recognised being, free Facebook, internet dot organisation and social bundles which are products tailored to the needs of the data savvy customers,’’ Ms Kambikambi said.
She said ZICTA presented the award to Airtel for also being instrumental in terms of mobile coverage advertisements and pushing the use of mobile phones to a higher level in Zambia.
Airtel Networks Plc marketing director, Sekou Barry, who received the award on behalf of the company, said it was great to be recognised for innovation especially in recent times when customers have become more technology savvy than ever before, more so with the introduction of affordable smart phones.
“With the advent of smart phones which are now more affordable than ever before, it is our hope that we will continue to tailor-make our products and services to suit the various needs of our customers and by so doing making their lives better,” Mr Barry said.
“We all know that ICT-based knowledge and products contribute directly to wealth creation and also indirectly to national development through its impact in social and economic sectors such as agriculture, health and education, and by empowering individuals to take advantage of new opportunities”, he said.
The award from the regulator comes just two weeks after Airtel received four PMR awards that included ‘outstanding first overall of telecommunications Companies in Zambia’, ‘outstanding first overall–companies and institutions held in high esteem as good corporate citizens based on their corporate responsibility initiatives and investments over the past 12 months, ‘outstanding–first overall in advertising campaigns’ and ‘excellent first overall companies and institutions doing most for the elderly and senior citizens.’

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