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Zesco workers ‘stealing’ from residents?

Dear editor,
I AM appealing to the management of  Zesco, northern region, our member of Parliament for Ndola Central Constituency, Fackson Shamenda, the Human Rights Commission, Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) and all concerned to come and rescue us from those assigned to connect power to low-cost houses in Chipulukusu township.
These Zesco workers are collecting money from unsuspecting consumers.
Surely, this is corruption.
It is not all the workers who are doing this but there are bad eggs who should be removed immediately because they are tarnishing Zesco’s image and exploiting customers.
The World Bank and the government have sponsored the electrification exercise and it is criminal for these workers to be demanding money from residents without issuing any receipts.
Zesco should come and interview the residents of Chipulukusu whose houses have been connected and those on the list if it wants to prove for itself what I am talking about.

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