Zesco welcomes new Act on power supply


A MORE liberalised and open electricity sector is critical for players in the electricity supply industry (ESI) to efficiently supply and distribute electricity to customers on agreed and transparent terms and conditions. Zesco senior manager corporate affairs John Kunda says the company has welcomed the introduction of Statutory Instrument number 24 of April 2021, which declared as a common carrier part of Zesco transmission and distribution infrastructure. Dr Kunda said SI 24 complements the Electricity Act number 11 of 2019 and the Energy Regulation Act number 12 of 2019. He said the SIs set the tone for a more liberalised and open electricity sector, where independent power producers (IPPs) can supply customers using transmission infrastructure deemed as a common carrier on agreed wheeling tariffs. “Having already established transmission and distribution infrastructure, the power utility looks forward to the opportunities that will be created by the new regulation and other frameworks that will be put in place to supply the ESI in Zambia,” he said. He said in a statement availed by Zesco public relations manager Hazel Zulu that Zesco has an opportunity to grow the market for the benefit of all industry players with the SI in place. Dr Kunda said Zesco further CLICK TO READ MORE

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