Letter to the Editor

Zesco should improve service delivery

Dear editor,
I HAVE noticed with disappointment the way Chudleigh Zesco delivers its service to customers, especially on new installations in Meanwood Ndeke, Vorna Valley and Kamwena.Despite the K5,895.00 for new installations being very high, the performance is totally poor.
We wonder whether the managers at Chudleigh check on their juniors’ to see the performance of each worker.
Zesco has taken advantage of monopoly in this country.
There is no competition whatsoever. Whether clients complain or not, management does not even bother to make follow-ups on clients’ complaints.
The firm’s chief executive officer, Mr Victor Mundende, should always take keen interest on why clients complain daily. He should request for explanations from his juniors regarding people’s complaints.
There is no way one client can pay contribution fee of almost K6,000 and it takes three to six months for Zesco to install electricity.
A neighbour paid that amount in November 2017. Up to now he is still waiting.
They just brought a pole and forgot about the rest. Is Zesco serious?
Mr Mundende should take action on non-performing employees who have a tendency of tarnishing the image of the company.
We are tired of the poor service delivery by Zesco. Even in other towns people face the same challenges. Zesco should be privatised.

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