ZEMA recognises Zambeef for organic fertiliser

ZAMBEEF Products Plc’ introduction of a ‘windrow cropping’ system that allows for the production of organic fertiliser from organic waste on the farm to use in its cropping operations has won it an award for consistency in complying with environmental impact assessment (EIA) regulations.
The Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) awarded Zambeef with the 2015 award last week.
According to a statement issued by Langmead & Baker Limited on Friday, the award recognises the company’s consistency in ensuring that projects or developments undertaken were preceded by the execution of an EIA in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Management Act, which addresses issues regarding environmental protection, pollution control and challenges arising from climate change, pollution from persistent organic pollutants and electronic waste.
Commenting on the achievement, company head of environment, health and safety Jones Kayawe said, “ZEMA’s recognition of Zambeef’s efforts towards sustainable operations is an indication that our vision is not misplaced and will definitely push us to do even more in the area and others such as occupational health, safety and food safety. Zambeef follows a sustainable business model whereby in pursuit of economic gain, environmental, ecological and social considerations are taken into account.”
Earlier this year, the company introduced organic fertiliser to replace 50 percent of the synthetic fertilisers used on its Huntley farm in Chisamba, cutting costs and also preserving the reliability of the soil and improving fertility.
The ‘windrow composting’ involves piling organic waste in long rows in the field and regularly turning it to control temperature, add or remove moisture and improve oxygen content.
Zambeef’s abattoir and processing general manager Ryan Crause also said, “Composting of the animal waste we have available is a natural solution that is both good for the environment and our bottom line.”
In 2013, the firm introduced treatment ponds at Huntley to protect the environment by breaking down effluent for at least three months before discharge.
Zambeef has a unit dedicated to dealing with environmental compliance and improvements to the operations.

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