ZAWA relocates croc

THE Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) has relocated a female crocodile that has been terrorising and devouring livestock in Sikombwa village, Kazungula.
ZAWA senior wildlife warden for Southern Province Lusizi Mwale said the authority had received complaints from villagers in Sikombwa that they were losing their livestock from crocodile attacks as the nearby stream was overrun with the reptiles.
Speaking in an interview on Tuesday, Ms Mwale said an operation was carried out and a cage was set on the banks of ‘Kalwizi kaba Lumbo’ stream using some goat meat as bait, and the crocodile was captured within hours.
“Our human/animal conflict team received a report that crocodiles have been feeding on livestock belonging to the local people. We got reports of pigs, goats, dogs, cattle and chickens being caught and taken into the stream where they were eaten by the crocodiles. So we decided to capture the reptile and relocate it to the Mosi-ao-Tunya National Park,” she said.
Ms Mwale explained that they decided to capture and relocate the reptile to the national park as opposed to cropping because their goal is to conserve wildlife.
Moffat Mulele, a resident of Sikombwa village, narrated that the reptile had eaten a lot of animals on the banks of a nearby stream where the animals have been drinking from after grazing.
He thanked ZAWA for responding to their distress call, saying the village would have been depleted of livestock had the Authority not come to their rescue.
“ZAWA should continue with the relocation exercise of crocodiles because there are a lot of crocodiles around that are not only dangerous to livestock, but to people as well,” he said.

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