Zani Muone shopping mall coming

ITS festive season again and shopping is part of fun for all ages including the young, like the ones above. Many shop owners are cashing in around this period mostly on clothes and food stuffs. PICTURE: STAFRANCE ZULU

WOODSIDE Mall Zambia Limited has set aside US$23 million to construct a shopping mall in Lusaka’s Zani Muone area.
The project, which will be done in phases, is expected to create 400 direct and indirect jobs for the local people.
This is according to an environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) report submitted by the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) and obtained by the Daily Mail recently.
The proposed project will help diversify the company’s business portfolio as well add vibrancy to infrastructure development in the country.
“Woodside Mall Limited plans to construct a US$23 million shopping mall in Lusaka along Great North Road near the National Housing Authority Complex, just next to Beit Cure Zambia. The mall will be constructed in phases in line with the demand from the tenants,” the report reads.
The mall is expected to comprise specialised fashion outlets and two proposed major food and dry goods service anchors, a food court and entertainment zone.
Other amenities include banking and service nodes, an entertainment area, an administration area, a parking area and four landscaped courtyard spaces.
The ESIA says the project is expected to positively impact on the environment and the community as it will create employment for the locals, increase revenue collection for the local authority and institutions from communicators, land rates, licences and personal levy.
Other positives are increase in trade opportunities in the community due to the increased number of people, and will provide access to goods and services to tourist resorts as well as Lusaka residents.
On the negative front, during construction the mall will affect the near population with air and noise pollution, occupational and public health safety risks, solid waste generation and surface and underground water pollution.

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