‘Zamtel plans to expand coverage to rural areas’

ZAMTEL intends to expand its coverage further to rural areas to enable more citizens to have access to telecommunication services.
Company chief marketing officer Evans Muhango said in an interview recently that Zamtel will ensure that towers are erected in areas which are not served to able everyone.
“Going forward, we plan to roll out towers in areas which are not served because we believe that the right to communication belongs to everyone including those in remote areas.
“This service is a necessity; people need to have a tool of communicating to loved ones. This is something that we should give to each and every Zambian,” he said.
In a separate interview, Minister, Transport and Communication Kapembwa Simbao called for the need to support local products and urged Zambians to change their perception of thinking foreign products are superior.
“We would encourage each other to always promote our own products…You should not forget whenever we decide to support our own companies we are creating jobs for the locals,” he said.

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