Letter to the Editor

Zampost’s future still looks bright

Dear editor,
I READ with concern on the way Zampost public relations unit responded to the letter dated September 20, in which a reader requested President Lungu to bail out Zampost.
As much as we understand the basic concept of public relations in any organisation, it is also wise to sometimes reflect on the public’s concerns for they sometimes open eyes for improvement.
I noted that Zampost PR unit was so centred on the fact that those who complained or rather commented have personal hurt towards management, which in my opinion may be misplaced.
As a citizen of Zambia, I’m at pains to see our own giant in Zampost dying a painful and peaceful death due to competition. And I am sure that is what they mean from the statement that they have failed to withstand pressure in business.
I do not want to take anything away from the Post master general and his management, they started brilliantly and brought in a number of brilliant ideas, but what really happened to those deals that they clinched?
Zampost was a hub of everything done under one roof. For instance, it had services such as Swift cash transfer, MultiChoice/DStv payment, car purchases, Western Union money transfer, and Moneygram.
But all these services are no longer available at our giant corporation and this is disheartening. Only a few services are available such as Swift cash, EMS, and RTSA, and I stand to be corrected.
Now, what went wrong with all these deals? I suppose all these principal companies were comfortable dealing with a quasi-government other than private organisations due to security, and that is where questions may arise. How come I can pay for DStv at a makeshift shop and not at Zampost?
We want to see Zampost doing better. Let management not assume that everyone who speaks to correct a wrong is fighting them. Remember, our country needs local businesses but what is happening right now is that most government-owned companies are struggling.
Zampost management should take a leaf from our President, who is a humble and listening leader.
Work up Zampost, our sleeping giant!

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