Zampost pledges safe water transport on Bangweulu

THE Zambia Postal Services Corporation (Zampost) has assured customers in Samfya and Chilubi districts that the company will continue offering quality and safe water transport on Lake Bangweulu.
Zampost public relations manager Sonile Lintini said in Samfya that travellers should take advantage of the Postboat service in the area as it is a reliable and safe mode of transport.
Ms Lintini said Zampost has realised that commuters who use water transport also need safe transport, hence the company’s emphasis on the provision of safe water transport on Lake Bangweulu.
“Our people who use water transport also need to be secure. As a result, we shall maintain our Postboat on this lake to ensure that we provide safe and reliable transport for them,” she said.
And acting Chilubi district district commissioner Diogracious Mwamba has urged people to be using Postboat as it is a much safer mode of transport on the lake compared to small boats and canoes.
Mr Mwamba cited the recent accident in which 28 people narrowly escaped death when their boat capsized on the lake. The people were rescued by a Postboat team.
He said the weather on the lake is unpredictable, and therefore, people should not risk their lives by using speed boats or dugout canoes.
“We are lucky here because we have the Postboat which operates between Samfya and Chilubi. So people should take advantage of this instead of using unreliable modes of transport,” he said.
Mr Mwamba warned people against overloading their boats, saying vessels’ carrying capacities should be observed.
He also stressed the importance of providing life jackets to passengers and crew.

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