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Zamleather to invest US100,000

ZAMLEATHER, a subsidiary of Zambeef Products’ Plc intends to invest about US$ 100,000 in a bid to improve the quality and quantity of crust leather for export globally.
The leather company is also in the process of increasing its tannery production from 6,000 to 10,000 hides per month.
Zamleather general manager Richard Franklin said the leather industry needs to be given more attention and support if the much needed foreign direct investment (FDI) is to be realised.
“With the Leather Industry Association of Zambia, I believe we will be able to coordinate ourselves in the industry better and be able to improve the livelihood of everybody from the farmers to the man on the street who is hopefully going to enjoy greater levels of employment,” Mr Franklin told journalists after Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry permanent secretary Siazongo Siakalenge toured the firm in Lusaka yesterday.
He said the company is currently exporting leather to South Africa, China, India, Turkey and Spain, among other countries.
“But really, there is no limit as to where we can export if we can produce the right product of the right quality. We can export our products anywhere,” Mr Franklin said.
Earlier, Mr Siakalenge said Government will address the challenges that the leather industry is currently facing in its quest to expand its production.
Mr Siakalenge cited power outages and middle men when it comes to selling leather products to the mines as some of the issues that are suffocating the growth of the sector.
“There was limited production by Zamleather on account of lack of power but of course they planned for it by having a generator.
They are experiencing power outages on a daily basis and on most occasions, they are not even given notice by Zesco Limited,” he said .

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