Letter to the Editor

Zambia’s no-GMO position still stands

Dear editor,
THERE is public outcry over news that the ban on genetically modified organisms (GMO) food in Zambia has been lifted. Questions were raised as to “whether the ban on the importation of GMOs is still in effect” in the National Assembly on February 27, 2019.
Zambia’s no-GMO position has not changed and no legislative changes have taken place.
Many Zambians are horrified by the NBA announcements that even some licensed GMO containing food products are sold in Zambia.
Many of these are unlabelled and the authority lacks necessary capacity to control this.
The country certainly does not have the capacity to regulate the release of GMOs, nor cover the opportunity costs of lost export agriculture markets, long-term public health bills and destruction of the farming sector to the power of corporate control.
CSOs, research institutions, concerned consumers, farmers and churches, continue to call on Government to protect Zambia’s people, their health, environment and the national economy.
ZAAB chairperson

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