Letter to the Editor

Zambia’s first conservation careers fair

Dear editor,
DO YOU sometimes wish to help conserve our planet earth, but know not the practical steps on how to actualise your wish?Do you harbour any burning concerns or questions regarding wildlife and environmental conservation?
Do you sometimes wish to find employment in or around nature, say, as a wildlife officer, vet, manager, economist,…educator, or as a ranger?
You need wish no more.
This Friday, between 10:00 hours and 17:00 hours, walk straight into the Mulungushi International Conference Centre main hall and attend the first-ever Conservation careers fair in Zambia.
There you will obtain all the necessary conservation information you need first-hand from seasoned conservationists for free. Knowledge, I know you know, is power.
You perish without it.
Therefore, this August 17, 2018 all roads should lead to Mulungushi.
A gifted mind like yours, I understand, may ask: “Can I bring along many course mates, workmates, classmates, or family and friends?” Why not.
Every man with common sense knows that, generally, like manure, knowledge is useless unless spread.
In cessation, joy and good health to you, and see you at the fair.
Lusaka climate ambassador

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