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Zambians expect a lot from coach Sven Vandenbroek

Dear editor,
THE Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) executive last week unveiled Sven Vandenbroek as the new coach for the Chipolopolo.Vandenbroek is from Belgium, one of the great footballing nations in the world.
Football being number one sport and a unifying factor commands a large following from the soccer fans.
As such, the country and the soccer fans in particular expect a lot from the newly-recruited coach.
Zambians have fond memories of Belgium because football legend and 1988 Africa footballer of the year, Kalusha Bwalya, plied his trade in that country.
Vandenbroek has initially been engaged for six months to assess his performance.
Thereafter, he will be given the long-term contract depending on how good he is going to perform during the probation period.
The new coach is expected to raise the bar of Zambian football and ultimately to qualify the country for the 2019 Cameroon Africa Cup of Nations.
It is an undeniable fact that the football fortunes in our country have dwindled or taken a downward spiral. Therefore, there is need to revive the falling football standards.
In the quest to realise the dream of reviving the football standards in our country, there is need to identify new talent with the help of local coaches.
Above everything else, the new coach should select players on merit.
To Vandenbroek, I say welcome to Zambia and all the best in your new coaching job.

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