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Zambian mission in Turkey woos investors in infrastructure development

IN DRIVING the country’s economic agenda, the Zambian government has taken cognisance of infrastructure development as a central delivery mechanism in the sphere of socio-economic development.
Zambia’s infrastructure requirements cut across a broad spectrum which include, but not limited to, housing, roads, bridges, airports, railway lines, energy generation, transmission and installation, and telecommunication facilities.
As a country scaling the ladder to enter the middle income country classification, the necessity for infrastructure is very cardinal. This will play a catalytic role in propelling economic growth at the projected annual rate of between 7.5 and eight percent.
Further, the Link Zambia 8000 project aimed at coming up with a robust and efficient road network and international highways linking Zambia to the rest of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) member states, stands out as an epitome of the Zambian government’s commitment to infrastructure development.
In actualising the country’s vision to weave in place vital infrastructure, private sector participation is expected. What is more, the role of Missions abroad in attracting and mobilising investors in infrastructure development is of inarguable importance.
It is on this score that the Zambian mission in Ankara, Turkey, has perched high on its chart of investment promotion, infrastructure development.
The Zambian mission in Ankara, has swung into gear, increased engagement with some of Turkey’s leading construction companies to beckon them to investment opportunities in the infrastructure sector in Zambia.
Turkey is highly rated for its acumen in the construction industry. Precious wonder the Global Engineering News record puts Turkey, second best after China, in the construction industry.
These credentials present an assurance of the difference Turkey can make in the construction sector in Zambia.
Zambia’s Ambassador to Turkey Miriam Mulenga in her relentless efforts to woo investors in the construction industry to Zambia, recently interacted with Kolin, one of Turkey’s leading construction companies.
The company which has expressed readiness to undertake an investment exploration visit to Zambia soon, is among the top 250 high achieving international infrastructure firms in the world.
Ambassador Mulenga who toured the Kolin’s head office in the capital Ankara as part of the Zambian mission’s continued crusade to identify investors in infrastructure development in keeping with Government’s quest for increased investment in the sector, assured the company’s co-ordinator, Kemal Kologlu, of Zambia’s investment climate being conducive in all respects.
Ambassador Mulenga pointed out that, Zambia was in dire need of infrastructure including housing units, hydro-power stations, bridges, roads, dams for irrigation and other vital amenities that are key to economic development.
“Zambia has an undisturbed international reputation of being an oasis of peace and welcoming to investors with a number of incentives that make us a unique investment destination in Africa. There are a lot of investment opportunities in the sector of infrastructure development and we look forward to having your presence in Zambia,” remarked Ambassador Mulenga in her discourse with Mr. Kologlu.
Indicating interest to venture into Zambia, Mr Kologlu whose company has executed a total of 119 projects worth US$5.8 billion in infrastructure development in various parts of the world, extolled the southern African nation as a conducive environment for investment. The company boasts of 37 years’ experience in the constructions sector.
“Zambia is a very good investment destination with a lot of opportunities we can tap into,” intoned Mr. Kologlu.
Kolin has another dimension: This is an extended business portfolio covering agriculture, food processing, leather industry, tourism, mining and energy among sectors which can greatly boost Zambia’s economy once the organisation established base in the country.
The author is deputy head of mission at the Zambian Embassy in Ankara, Turkey

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