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Zambian firm prospects for phosphate in Isoka

DEPOSITS of phosphate which is a mineral used in the production of fertiliser have been discovered on Nkhombwa Mountain in Isoka district, Zamphos Minerals Resources Limited (ZMRL) geologist Tapuwa Muthetwa has said.
Mr Muthetwa said in an interview that the major economic mineral that the company is prospecting for is phosphate fertiliser which is used for farming although the mountain has other mineral deposits.
He said the company is currently in the drilling stage of the phosphate, but also indicated that the rocks contain other minerals such as rare earth metals that are used on X-rays, permanent magnets, batteries, polishing glass and metals that are used in the manufacturing of cell phone components.
“We are looking at other mineral prospects but, the major one is the phosphate fertiliser, although there are also deposits of dolomite, ankerite, siderite, Isokite and apatile,” Mr Muthetwa said.
He said if analysis proves positive, Zambia which imports 90 percent of the phosphate fertiliser from China will be able to produce adequate phosphate fertiliser for export to the southern African region.
In a separate interview, Isoka Member of Parliament Malozo Sichone said Government is keen to support mineral exploration activities that are currently being conducted in the district.
Mr Sichone, who is also Eastern Province Minister, said the discovery of the phosphate rocks deposits at Nkhombwa Mountain will relieve Government of the burden of importing fertiliser.
He said the first survey of minerals in the area were conducted in 1956 although explorations were not undertaken until last year in October.
Meanwhile, Isoka district commissioner Evenwell Mutambo has since called on ZMRL to consider employing locals

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