Zambia will record good crop yields – ZNS boss

NATHAN Mulenga.

ZAMBIA National Service (ZNS) Commandant Nathan Mulenga is optimistic that the country will record good crop yields in areas that have received adequate rainfall.
And Lieutenant General Mulenga has attributed the increasing number of children begging on the streets to lack of care by parents.
General Mulenga told journalists on Saturday that he is confident that the country will have something to talk about in terms of crop yields despite the poor rainfall recorded in some areas.
“There have been these adverse weather patterns, which have affected agriculture in some parts of the country. But we don’t have to worry much because I am assured that we will have very good crop harvest in areas that have received good rains,” he said.
Gen Mulenga also said the road project which President Lungu assigned to ZNS is progressing well.
He, however, said at the moment, works appear to have stalled because of the heavy rains.
“I must say that we started a little bit late because the distribution of road machines started in October when we were just getting into the rainy season, but we did not wait,” Gen Mulenga said.
He has assured the nation that ZNS is on top of things and is equal to the task.
And Gen Mulenga said children run away from their homes because their parents neither have time for them nor attend to their needs.
He said this during the wedding of Kasiku Simenda and Brian Sosala.
Mr Sosala is the son of former Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Edward Sosala while Ms Simenda is the daughter of former Zambia’s High Commissioner to Namibia Francis Simenda.
“Stories of a parent seriously assaulting a child over just a cob of maize or nshima are abound. Parents failing to send their children to school even when they can afford is clear to see,” he said.
Gen Mulenga appealed to civil society organisations to help sensitise communities on the importance of children as custodians of the future.

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