Zambia studying Turkey’s ‘sun, sand, sea’ attractions

THE Zambian mission in Turkey is studying how the tourism model in that country’s Antalya city can be replicated in Zambia’s Northern tourism circuit.
Antalya City is one of the world’s foremost tourism destinations in Turkey, which has turned sun, sand and sea into major tourism attractions.
The southern Turkish resort town has leveraged the tourism industry to contribute significantly to the national economy through sun, sand and sea which attract a multitude of tourists from America, Western and Eastern Europe.
This has prompted the Zambian mission in Turkey to study the Antalya City’s tourism circuit which has similar features with Zambia’s Northern circuit.
Zambia’s Ambassador to Turkey Miriam Mulenga said Zambia enjoys a tropical weather pattern like Antalya that allows for a broad spectrum of tourism activities.
This is according to a statement issued on Tuesday by Zambia’s deputy head of mission to Turkey, Bwalya Nondo.
“The northern circuit, which is endowed with lakes such as the Bangweulu with fine white sand, can be modelled around the Antalya tourism concept to contribute to the growth of the tourism sector in the country,” Ms Mulenga said.
She said Zambia’s lake shores and beaches, coupled with unabating sunshine, provide a perfect anchor for tourism development comparable to the one obtaining in Antalya.
Ms Mulenga said the Zambian mission is lobbying potential Turkish investors for infrastructure development around and closer to unexplored and potential tourist attractions like Lake Bangweulu in the northern circuit which can be developed into a beach site of international standards.
She said tourism development in the Northern circuit would create alternative sources of income and offer employment.
Turkey is the sixth most popular tourism destination in the world, with a total turnover of the tourism industry exceeding US$34 billion last year.
The tourism sector in Turkey has set annual targets of 50 million tourist arrivals and revenue of US$50 billion by 2023.

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