Zambia readies for climate change summit

MINISTER of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba says Zambia is geared for the forthcoming United Nations (UN) summit on climate change taking place in Paris, France.
Mr Kalaba said in an interview in Lusaka the country has been adversely affected by climate change and that it has put in place measures aimed at addressing the challenge.
He said Zambia received the news of the Paris’ simultaneous attacks with sadness as it may affect the climate change negotiations.
“Climate change is not a hoax. It is real and affecting people globally. We are affected as can be seen by what is happening. This is the reason we have taken keen interest in the UN climate change negotiations,” Mr Kalaba said.
He said climate change remains a critical issue on the global agenda and needs not be disturbed by any eventualities.
“The Paris attack on innocent people is regrettable. The conference which is scheduled to take place within the next two weeks is critical for Zambia as it is expected to lead to a legal binding agreement on addressing climate change,” he said.
He said Zambia will continue monitoring the outcome from Paris and once advised by the organisers of the summit, a decision will be made.
The minister said Zambia has been participating in the negotiations for a long time now and is geared for the COP21 and will wait to be advised by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
And GreenEnviro chief executive officer Abel Musumali condemned the attacks by the suicide bombers and gunmen in Paris.

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