‘Zambia on right development path’

FORMER President Rupiah Banda says Zambia is on the right path to development under President Lungu’s leadership.
And Mr Banda has commended Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba for organising the first ever meeting of former ministers of Foreign Affairs.
Mr Banda said in an interview that he is confident that Zambia is on the right path of economic emancipation.
“I am an optimist. I have a lot of confidence in Zambia because of its people and the leadership of President Lungu. We have a great nation and we all must participate in its development agenda,” he said.
Mr Banda said everyone must participate in national development because the country belongs to all Zambians.
“Zambia needs everybody from everywhere and every political party. We need to sit down to look at the problems the country is facing and find solutions,” Mr Banda said
He said Zambia is a great nation politically, economically and socially.
He said every age group in Zambia is proud of the fact that there are development programmes in place.
Meanwhile, Mr Banda has praised Mr Kalaba for successfully bringing together former ministers of Foreign Affairs to share best practices.
“Wisdom is not only for elders. Even young people are wise. What this young man [Mr Kalaba] has done is commendable and must be emulated by others,” Mr Banda said
Some of the former ministers who attended the meeting included Vernon Mwaanga, Kelly Walubita, Katele Kalumba, and Ronnie Shikapwasha.
Meanwhile, Mr Kalaba described Thursday’s meeting with the former ministers of Foreign Affairs as very successful.
Mr Kalaba said the concept is meant to tap some knowledge the former ministers hold.
“These former ministers are a repose of vast knowledge and so we want to tap into that knowledge,” the minister said.
Mr Kalaba further said the idea of meeting former ministers will be institutionalised.

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