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‘Zambia needs well defined roles for ministries’

PRESIDENT Lungu says his re-alignment of some ministries has been necessitated by Government’s transformational agenda and a clear master-plan for sustainable development backed by a merit-based public service.
Officially opening the fifth session of the 11th National Assembly yesterday, Mr Lungu said Government is aware that Zambia needs at least 10 percent Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate to effectively reduce poverty, which stands around 60 percent. Over the past decade, GDP growth has been averaging six percent.
He said the re-alignment of ministries was necessary to allow for economic diversification and sustainable development.
President Lungu said the economy needs to grow at sustained double digit rate to meet Zambia’s aspiration of being a developed country by 2064 and support a population projected at 52.1 million in 50 years’ time.
He said in order for this to be a reality, there is need to promote synergies in the planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and coordination of national programmes.
“In a bid to enhance the performance of Government, I have delinked national planning from the Ministry of Finance to form a new ministry called Ministry of Development Planning,” President Lungu said.
The head of State has further re-aligned the Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education splitting it into the Ministry of General Education and the Ministry of Higher Education.
“The Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health will now be called the Ministry of Community Development after its ‘Mother and Child Health’ function is reverted to the Ministry of Health,” President Lungu said in his address to Parliament yesterday.
President Lungu further said the Ministry of Gender and Child Development shall be re-designated as the Ministry of Gender, while the function of child development moves to the Ministry of Youth and Sport, which now becomes the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development.
Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development will be split into two, namely the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development and the Ministry of Energy and Water Development.
The Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication will also be split into two: the Ministry of Works and Supply; and the Ministry of Transport and Communication.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock will also be split into: the Ministry of Agriculture; and the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock.
The cooperatives function shall now fall under the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry as a directorate.

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