Zambia needs renewable energy plan

GOVERNMENT should develop a renewable energy plan to guide implementation of alternative power sources and tackle the current load shedding.
Policy Monitoring and Research Centre (PMRC) head of monitoring and evaluation Salim Kaunda said government should also scale up investments in non-hydro power sources in view of Zesco’s increased country-wide load shedding.
Mr Kaunda said Zambia should look for alternative energy technologies to compensate for the estimated 560-megawatt power deficit as a result of poor rainfall that has affected hydro-electricity generation capacity.
He said the domination of Zesco through a single buyer model, unattractive tariffs and insufficient incentives for private sector investments in the energy sector has worsened the situation.
“A broader mix of energy and independent power producers are needed to meet growing demand and industrial development so government should create incentives for private sector’s participation in renewable energy technologies especially in rural areas,” Mr Kaunda said.

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