Zambia needs more filling stations

THE Energy Regulation Board (ERB) says the current 273 filling stations that are dotted across the country are not enough to meet consumer demand.
To this effect, ERB has put in place incentives that will encourage Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) to take investments in rural areas.
ERB executive director Langiwe Lungu said setting lower standards for rural service stations will enhance economic activities and create the much-needed jobs in the country.
“For the service station, we have 273 and 37 OMCs, which are not sufficient for the country. But, we have put in place regulator incentives that will encourage OMCs to invest in rural areas.
“Incentive such as setting lower standards for rural service stations are already in effect and the pricing guidelines were also approved by the board this year. For every 10 filling stations opened in urban areas, the 11th one should be in the rural area,” she said in an interview recently.
In the electricity sector, Ms Lungu also said that ERB has revised the key performance indicators (KPIs) to help monitor the activities of companies such as Zesco Limited next year.
She said the assessment of Zesco Limited’s KPIs is to help improve efficiency of the utility through monitoring actual performance against quality of service, customer metering, staff productivity, cash management and system loss for the financial year 2013/14.
Ms Lungu said the KPIs will help Zesco Limited increase compliance by reducing load shedding and improve power quality which will in turn benefit consumers.
“We have the power quality and we have also revised the key performance indicator. We will also look at load shedding. There are certain areas where we feel compliance can be enhanced, for example, an accident should be reported within the stipulated time,” she said.
Similarly, the ERB is sharing local compliance levels regarding the sub-stations.

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