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Zambia is able


WHEN Minister of Finance Felix Mutati says Zambia has the capacity to pull out of its current economic challenges under the leadership of President Lungu, he gives the country a lot of hope.
With politicking having ended with elections on August 11, 2016, it is now time to get back to work and grow the economy.
Zambia has all the fundamentals needed to grow a robust economy because of the abundant natural and human resources.
The country also has expertise to turn around the wheels of the economy.
That is why Mr Mutati says Government will consult widely when coming up with policies and programmes aimed at resolving the economic challenges.
Zambia has a lot of economic experts to help Government plan effectively and implement the plans efficiently.
Government also has bilateral and multilateral partners to fall back on for input.
These include the African Development Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and a host of other partners who share their experience and help in shaping the country’s economic recovery programme.
Locally, we have the Economics Association of Zambia, the Zambia Association of Manufacturers, the Industrial Development Corporation, Bank of Zambia, Bankers Association of Zambia, Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Zambia Revenue Authority, the Zambia Chamber of Mines, the Copperbelt University and the University of Zambia, among others.
These local institutions are part of the think tank and should be actively engaged during the economic recovery consultation process.
That is why Mr Mutati says with the diverse experience of his team, President Edgar Lungu will prescribe invaluable reforms aimed at assisting the country in handling the pressing socio-economic challenges facing people and shipping them out of the troubled waters of poverty.
We are glad that the Ministry of Finance has since embarked on rigorous engagement with internal and external stakeholders to ensure broad consultation in formulating economic recovery policies which will be announced alongside the 2017 budget.
Zambia is among many emerging economies which are grappling with how to modernise their economies. Modernising an economy such as ours requires bold decisions to be made and implemented.
This includes diversifying the economy away from dependence on copper by developing the energy, agriculture, tourism and transport sectors.
Modernising the economy also entails improving transparency apart from driving sustainable growth and advance financial inclusion.
However, to achieve this, there is a lot of hard work required. Citizens should change their mindset of expecting others to find solutions for them. These economic solutions are within the knowledge of Zambians. Collectively, there is need to adopt a new work culture.
It takes sacrifice to turn around the economy and all citizens should be involved.

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