Zambia hauls 1.8m cargo via Dar es Salaam

TANZANIAN Ports Authority (TPA) says Zambia transported 1.86 million tonnes of cargo through the Dar es Salaam Port and Tunduma border post between 2013/14.
To this effect, Government and the TPA have signed a bilateral agreement to establish a liaison office in Zambia to ease cross-border trade and to cut out unscrupulous middlemen that swindle unsuspecting customers.
According to a statement availed to the Daily Mail on Friday, the agreement will enable Zambia and Tanzania to address numerous business concerns that affect both countries.
TPA acting director general Awadhi Massawe is optimistic the office will enable the Zambian business community using Dar es Salaam Port to benefit from services such as online cargo tracking and tracing, issuance of bills and payment of charges, among others.
“During 2013/14, the port handled 14.6 million tonnes of various types of cargo, of which 12 percent and 41 percent [respectively] of overall transit cargo was for the Zambian markets,” he said.
Commenting on the development, Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Yamfwa Mukanga said the opening of a TPA liaison office in the country is aimed at helping service providers and customers achieve their objectives in a win-win situation.
Mr Mukanga said the initiative will provide more business opportunities for both governments to enhance their markets through infrastructure and other related services.
Similarly, Tanzanian High Commissioner to Zambia Grace Mujuma said the liaison office will further reduce unnecessary movements by customers as they will only travel to Dar es Salaam when major formalities have been done locally.
The port of Dar es salaam is one of Zambia’s important hubs for international trade and it is the fourth largest sea port on the continent, which handles about 95 percent of Tanzania’s international trade.

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