‘Zambia has potential as regional bread basket’

DEVELOPMENT Aid from People to People (DAPP) says Zambia has the potential to become the bread basket of the SADC region if the agricultural sector is prioritised
Speaking in an interview recently, DAPP Zambia managing director Elise Soerensen said the country has good land and adequate water supplies that could see agricultural production supply local and international markets.
She noted that the agricultural policies in the country and current climatic changes are favourable to Zambia as other parts of the southern and eastern Africa have been hit by drought and crop failure.
“According to scientists, Zambia may not be as affected by the effects of climate change compared to other neighbouring countries, so it is important that this is seen as an opportunity to prioritise the agriculture sector and divert from the dependence on copper,” Ms Soerensen said.
She also said agriculture should not only be viewed as a means of food security in the country but should be considered as a business option that can boost the revenue of the country and bring economic growth.
She proposed that youth be encouraged and supported to undertake agricultural activities as they have the potential to contribute significantly to the growth of the sector while earning a living for themselves.

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