Zambia exports to indonesia hit $1.7 million mark

ZAMBIA exports mainly tobacco and cotton to Indonesia averages to a tune of US$1.7million annually.
Indonesia has urged Zambian investors to consider participating at the forthcoming 32nd Trade Expo in Jakarta scheduled for October 11-15 2017.

Indonesian Embassy Minister Counsellor Partigi Samosir said the expo presents an effective platform for Zambian investors to explore business and investment opportunities in Indonesian.

In an interview recently, Dr Samosir said Indonesia’s main export products to Zambia are crude palm oil, paper, soap and clothing among others.
“The exports from Zambia to Indonesia are much bigger compare to ours which stands at US$1.1 million annually. Indonesia’s main imports from Zambia are tobacco and cotton.
“There are about 156 Indonesian skilled labours that are currently helping in the building of copper mining projects in Kalumbila and Kanshansi,” Dr Samosir said.
Indonesia is a member of the Group of 20 (G20), which is an international forum that brings together the world’s 20 leading industrialised and emerging economies.
Dr Samosir said the trade expo will present productive industrial conferences and effective one-on-one business matching meetings among others.
“As a member of the G-20 with an economy of US$1 trillion, Indonesia is a major market. Hence investments, both domestic and foreign, have been rising steadily over the past few years,” he said.
Last year, the expo closed with a number of transactions valued at US$975 million, a 7.2 percent rise from 2015.
Dr Samosir said of the total number recorded, US$826.52 million involved the sale of goods and US$48.23 million for services.
Indonesian investment abroad accounted for the remaining US$100 million worth of transactions.


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