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Zambia Daily Mail rebrands

TODAY marks a milestone for the Zambia Daily Mail in its more than 60-year history.  The newspaper company has evolved from a weekly tabloid in the 1950s, to a daily broadsheet that it is today.
It has changed names from Central African Mail to Zambia Mail and eventually to Zambia Daily Mail.  Along the way it has had innovations that have included the introduction of the Sunday Mail.
To keep in step with changing times and technology, the Zambia Daily Mail has extended its news platform to include an online edition.
The innovations continue today with the Daily Mail adding more value to its mode of packaging its products – news and adverts.
Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, Dr Joseph Katema, has challenged us to be more innovative in today’s highly competitive media industry.  We have taken the challenge seriously.
Your favourite `value for money’ newspaper will now be in the format of the copy in your hands today – the Berliner.  It is bigger in size than a tabloid, but slightly smaller than a broadsheet.
It is trendier, allowing for continued broad content and is much more portable.  You are thus assured of a continued wide scope of news, information and entertainment, but now packaged in a much friendlier format.
On the technology front, the Zambia Daily Mail news, information and entertainment will be unveiled everyday on its website.  The website will provide breaking news to keep you updated even before the hard copy newspaper is printed.
You will be offered a Zambia Daily Mail e-paper through which you will read a soft copy of the newspaper with all the details that a hardcopy has.
With our readership figures on the rise again, advertisers are assured of a wide reach for their messages.  This is for both the hard copy and the softcopy.  We provide perfect platforms on our website and in the hard copy newspaper for advertisers.
Our hardcopy newspaper reaches virtually all corners of Zambia, and our softcopy newspaper reaches virtually every corner of the world.
Our circulation figures are real.  They are verifiable by independent auditors – the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC).  So when we say we reach tens of thousands of paying readers every day, you are assured that this is indeed so.
In fact, considering that we are also online and each copy of our hardcopy newspaper is shared with several other people, it is safe to state that the reach is hundreds of thousands of readers every day.
With this launch, the Zambia Daily Mail seeks to fulfil its obligations as a national newspaper and readership beyond Zambia’s borders, and this is the more reason why our website has also been rebranded.
Like our mission statement says: “we are committed to creating an informed society through the provision of quality news and other services sustainably”.
As our vice-chairperson Tamala Kambikambi has said, the media industry is very competitive especially with the electronic media developing at a rapid pace, especially through online media.
But the company is up to the challenge.  The Zambia Daily Mail, in line with its 2013-2015 strategic plan, is proactively implementing plans to continue being the preferred source of news, but without compromising on its journalistic ethics.
We are expanding our business activities which now including commercial printing of products that include business cards, leaflets and posters to magazines, books and calendars.
We assure our clients that we shall keep improving to ensure that you get real value for your money. Hope you enjoy our new format.

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