Letter to the Editor

Zambia can do without IMF

Dear editor,
THE assertion by Professor Lubinda Habazoka that Zambia can do without International Monetary Fund is spot on.Zambia is blessed with a lot of natural resources which, if harnessed prudently, can make the country a haven of development without begging from the outside world.
Zambia is currently rich in copper, cobalt, gemstones, and mukula trees, among others. All these resources could finance the country’s needs.
Mukula tree, on its own, fetches higher than copper on the world market, but the problem is whether the revenue generated gets into the treasury or individual pockets.
Why should we continue begging for financial aid when most multinationals are competing to make their relevance in Zambia because of the economic benefits they enjoy in the country?
To me, it is all about lack of stringent and prudent supervision by relevant government departments and/or public officers.

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