Zambia anticipates over 1m tourists


THE number of tourist arrivals is expected to increase to 1.5 million arrivals from 950,000 annually following the lifting of the yellow fever certificate requirement for travellers between Zambia and South Africa.
On Saturday, the South African department of health waived yellow fever certificate requirement for Zambia after the World Health Organisation declared Zambia yellow fever-free.
Tourism Council of Zambia (TCZ) chairperson Felix Mulenga said in an interview recently that the decision to lift the requirement for yellow fever certificates when travelling between Zambia and South Africa will benefit the local tourism sector.
“Acquiring the yellow fever certificate added up to the cost of travel, therefore many tourists were being put off. This adversely affected the number of tourist arrivals as most people resorted to visiting other countries like Zimbabwe where there was no such requirement.
“Currently, we stand at 950,000 in terms of tourists arrivals annually. Now that the requirement has been lifted, the number is expected to increase to the targeted 1.5 million arrivals annually,” Mr Mulenga said.
He also said Zambia remains the safest tourist destination in Africa because of the country’s continued peaceful environment even after coming out of a tightly contested presidential election.
“We have been privileged as the country has remained peaceful. This is a guarantee to the safety of those who would wish to visit the country as you know the first thing that tourists look for when choosing a tourist destination is how safe the place is,” he said.

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