Zambia, Angola must collaborate on border security

PRESIDENT Lungu (right) with Defence Minister Richwell Siamunene at State House after a swearing-in ceremony. PICTURE: ENNIE KISHIKI

GOVERNMENT has called for concerted efforts between Zambia and Angola in addressing common security problems affecting the two countries.
Minister of Defence Richwell Siamunene said individual countries cannot manage to address common security problems hence the need for Zambia and Angola to enhance bilateral collaborations.
He said there was need for Zambia and Angola to come up with workable programmes to mitigate their challenges.
He was speaking in Livingstone during the official opening of the 29th session of Angola-Zambia Joint Permanent Commission (JPC) on defence and security.
“I’m aware that the security of the two countries is threatened by transnational syndicates that engage in stock theft, smuggling, money laundering, poaching as well as human and drug trafficking,” he said
Mr Siamunene reaffirmed Zambia’s commitment to the work of JPC as it does not only contribute to the stability in Zambia and Angola but to the region as a whole.
“Zambia has a lot to learn from Angola. The strides our Angolan brothers and sisters have made politically, economically and socially over the past 40 years of independence are admirable,” he said.
Mr Siamunene commended President Lungu and his Angolan counterpart Jose Eduardo dos Santos for allowing the two countries to hold regular meetings on the commission against competing needs.
He added that the collaboration of the two presidents demonstrates the importance they attach to the work of the JPC.
Mr Siamunene said it is imperative that both our delegations ensure timely implementation of all the resolutions passed during the deliberations.

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