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ZAMBEEF has potential to be African brand – Kenyan official

ZAMBEEF products have the potential to be an African brand, capable of feeding the entire continent, a senior Kenyan official has observed.
Cabinet secretary of Kenya’s Ministry of Industrialisation and Enterprise Development Adan Mohamed said Africa continues to remain the future food hub of the world and Zambeef is well positioned to not only feed the nation but the entire continent.
“Zambeef [Products Plc] is a business that is African and Zambian, with international presence being listed on the London Stock Exchange. It is an impressive story… [We] believe Zambeef has products of quality standards,” Mr Mohamed said after touring Zambeef’s Huntley farm in Chisamba recently.
Mr Mohamed was among other dignitaries who were in the country attending the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) policy organs meetings.
And Zambeef’s head of public relations and corporate affairs Felix Lupindula said the firm has been working with local farmers to bring value-added local products to customers.
“Over the many years of operations, we have come to learn and understand that there are no short-cuts in farming. It takes both dedication and perseverance,” Mr Lupindula said.
He said shareholders of Zambeef, who have invested heavily, will continue to keep the company growing.

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