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ZAM saddened by Kanene’s ‘missed opportunity’

THE Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) has described President Lungu’s withdrawal of musician General Kanene as an ambassador against gender-based violence (GBV), as a sad development.
The President’s decision to revoke General Kanene’s assignment has been taken in the light of the court case that he faces on allegations of GBV.
ZAM president Njoya Tee said it is unfortunate that Gen Kanene’s golden opportunity of being an anti-GBV ambassador has “slipped through the artist’s fingers”.
In a Facebook posting, Njoya Tee wished Dimba well adding “he [Dimba] is still one of us”.
“The Zambia Association of Musicians appreciates the gesture and genuineness the appointing authority showed towards the musician.
“It’s unfortunate that such a golden opportunity has slipped through the artist’s fingers,” Tembo said.
In a letter addressed to the United Nations (UN) resident co-ordinator Janet Rogan, President Lungu stated that the allegations against General Kanene make it untenable for him to execute the onerous task of being ambassador against GBV.
“It was my hope that Mr Dimba [General Kanene] would use his pardon and his special skills as a musician to campaign against gender-based violence using his anecdotal experience. However, I regret that he faces before the courts of law allegations of gender-based violence. This does not cast him in a good light to move the campaign forward,” President Lungu said.
And award-winning musician B’flow says it is clear that Gen Kanene has not met the President’s expectations in executing his duties as ambassador.
He says this should serve as a lesson to all artistes that their songs must not only shape other people’s lives but ours too.
“When General Kanene was pardoned by H.E President Edgar Lungu, I thought that Kanene would make the President proud by helping the nation to transform perpetrators of violence into good and peaceful men,” he says.
“I personally posted here [Facebook] that I was happy that Kanene was a free man, because everyone desires to have freedom. In short, I wasn’t against the pardoning because it was done within the President’s constitutional powers. What I wasn’t sure about was the part where Kanene was appointed as ambassador in the fight against gender based violence (on top of the pardon) because I felt Kanene needed time to organise himself after his time in jail. He needed time to think about his life so as to start a new page.
“It’s clear that Kanene has not met the President’s expectations in executing his duties as ambassador (maybe he wasn’t ready), and now the President has reversed his decision by withdrawing the appointment because Kanene faces allegations of G.B.V. I think the President has made the right decision. On this one I agree with H.E E.L [Edgar Lungu].
“I urge the nation to put General Kanene in our prayers that this will not frustrate him but encourage him to even be a better person. I believe he can still make a good name for himself and become an ambassador appointed by his fans (if he deserves it).”

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