ZABS standardises 1,800 measuring instruments

THE Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) has standardised over 1,810 assorted instruments for various companies in a bid to promote industrial efficiency.
ZABS marketing and public relations manager Hazel Zulu said in an interview on Saturday that under the 2014 quality management review, ZABS noted that various companies are using unstandardised instruments, which contributes to false results and production of poor quality goods.
“ZABS will continue standardising company instruments to promote quality goods on the market,” Mrs Zulu said.
She named the mining companies affected as Ndola Lime, Konkola Copper Mines, Mopani Copper Mine, Zambezi Portland Cement and Lubambe Mine.
Mrs Zulu said the standardised instruments include scales, weight sets, dial indicators, measuring cylinders, radiation thermometers and digital thermometers.
She said this means the results from any of these companies can be accepted worldwide with confidence.
Mrs Zulu has urged other companies to standardise their instruments such as pressure and electrical gauges with ZABS at specified intervals.

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