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Youths’ inspiration from U-20 feat

THE victory by the young Chipolopolo in the Africa Under-20 Cup of Nations against the young Teranga Lions of Senegal on Sunday was the icing on the cake to end the Youth Day celebrations.
Every year on March 12, Zambia commemorates Youth Day; which is used as a measure to evaluate government’s efforts in helping solve the numerous challenges that the youth go through. At the same time, the youth also use this important day to assess their contributions to national development.
The young Chipolopolo lived up to this year’s theme, Unity and innovation for a smart Zambia, by showing their peers that they have the capacity to achieve what initially might have seemed impossible by working as a united team.
The victory by the  under-20 team serves as a catalyst to encourage the youth to be the best in whatever they set out to be: with determination, innovation and unity, the sky is no longer the limit.
People, including the youth, follow different paths in life; others choose to take up sports, academics, entrepreneurship, agriculture – the list is endless, but with unity of purpose and innovation it is possible to succeed in one’s chosen path.
The youth, with their fresh and active brains, have the capacity to become agents in their respective communities for positive change as opposed to being used to perpetrate violence and anti-social behaviour. Young people have a lot to offer in all spheres of society.
Just as the young footballers worked hard on the pitch for two weeks to lift the prestigious cup, the Zambian youth should realise that there are no short cuts in life and they cannot achieve their hearts’ desires if they are not innovative and united.
In congratulating the young Chipolopolo, President Lungu was happy with the consistent and impressive performance that they exhibited from the time the tournament began.
The President is confident that the boys have a great future and should continue to work hard, be disciplined and ensure that they maintain their team spirit to perform even better in future tournaments.
It is a fact that every youth would love to receive the presidential recognition for the right reasons. This is very possible because it is the desire of Government to motivate and encourage young talent for the benefit of the country. It is the role of Government to always support determined youth for them to achieve their goals.
And speaking after the laying of wreaths at the Freedom Statue on Sunday to commemorate the day, Minister of Youth, Sport and Child Development Moses Mawere called on young people to be innovative and united if they are to register positive achievements in their lives. The occasion was graced by Vice-President Inonge Wina.
To show the importance Government attaches to the role the youth play in national development, there was no usual march past. Instead, activities were organised countrywide  that enabled the youth to interact with decision and policy makers on issues that affect them and how to overcome some of these challenges.
Going forward, it is my hope that the youth will be encouraged and motivated by the achievements of the young Chipolopolo in their chosen paths. Zambia needs the positive input of all the youth to propel the country to higher heights. With unity and innovation, it is possible to achieve even what might seem like an unattainable feat just like the youth did during the independence struggle.
Remember, children are our future, until next week, take care.
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