Youth gangs: What’s the root cause?

ON MONDAY, January 11, 2021 around 20:00 hours, Tyson Matanda was returning home after visiting his girlfriend when he was attacked by a group of thugs in his neighbourhood of Mandevu Township.
Mr Matanda had with him a laptop bag containing his Tablet, a mobile phone and K200 cash.
“I was walking from SOS Village to my home. At the old Shoprite store, I did notice groups of people dotted but I was not bothered because I was in my neighbourhood,” he said.
But as he continued walking, a man jumped in front almost blocking him. He says the stranger politely greeted him and he answered cordially.
The stranger then asked him for money. He told the stranger that he did not have and that was when the situation turned sour.
“I told him I didn’t have any money and could only spare a K4. That seemed to anger him because he quickly screamed in the dark night, ‘onani guys keembo uyu afuna kunipasa K4 zoona ayi? (Look guys, this nonentity wants to give me CLICK TO READ MORE

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