Letter to the Editor

Yesterday’s speech was on national values, principles

Dear editor,
ZAMBIANS have just woken up. They have become critical of almost anything.
Yesterday, the early social media freaks argued about President Lungu’s address to Parliament yesreday.
Coming after President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address commonly known as the SONA, some Zambians thought even President Lungu’s address yesterday was the SONA, to the extent that some unjustifiably criticised the speech as being hollow.
Country men and women, President Lungu’s address to Parliament was not a SONA and that is why it did not cover all the key sectors of the economy.
The President presented a “Report on the Progress made in the application of our national values and principles”.
According to our Constitution, the sitting President delivers the SONA every September, a preamble to the budget.
It marks the official opening of Parliament.
Therefore, social media freaks should accordingly take note.
Do not confuse fellow citizens by ignorantly mixing up the two different presidential speeches to the August House.

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