Letter to the Editor

Yes, inspect roadworks

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to agree with the author of the letter on the need for technocrats to inspect the quality of roads being constructed.
I could not agree more with the author that some roadworks just here in Lusaka leave much to be desired.
Some works look so disorganised and there are too many patches and bumps on some of these roads. Munali road is one of them. I am not an engineer or expert in road construction but I understand that roads should add to the beauty of the city besides providing smooth movements.
The way some of the works are being done does not inspire confidence even in a layman like me.
Some works look so disorganised. It’s like the contractor does not have a systematic plan of carrying out works. Some roads have patches of gravel. In other instances where one side of the road is being worked on you will find a lot of sand covering the intact road, making the scene a messy.
Some roads where works have been done, like the one separating Kaunda Square and Chamba Valley, one can no longer tell if it is still tarmac because it is covered in soil.
The contractor should have cleaned up the other part which was not being worked on. Otherwise the road looks more horrible than before the contractor worked on it.
Contractors should be taken to task to do the right thing. Those technocrats sleeping on duty should be dealt with because their negligence is costing Government a lot of money.

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