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‘Yamoto’ executive, board of trustees reconcile

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CITY of Lusaka executive committee has reconciled with the board of trustees.
Club chairman Justin Zulu said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the misunderstanding that arose after board secretary Brian Kalunga demanded that the sponsors and trustees be registered with the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has been resolved.

Zulu said the executive will not register members of the board and sponsors with FAZ because it is the duty of the executive to run football.
He said the two parties held a meeting at which each body’s roles were defined.
“Registration of board of trustees with FAZ cannot and will never happen. The executive is on top of things regarding running the day to day affairs of football at the club.
“We as an executive cannot involve ourselves in looking after the movable and immovable assets. We are very happy with what Forli [sponsors] is doing here they are doing a very good job and the development that has come here has come at a right time,” Zulu said.
On Saturday, some members of the club demanded the resignation of Kalunga who they accused of causing confusion at the club.
They also claimed that Kalunga has taken over the duties of the executive
But Kalunga said whatever is happening at Woodlands Stadium is a ‘family affair’ and will soon be resolved.
“The future of City is very bright. I like it when people are talking …they are free to talk but whatever is happening is a family matter and will be resolved,” Kalunga said.
The meeting was chaired by board chairperson Christine Mulundika, who appealed to City stakeholders to work together.

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