Wusakile: Home of infamous Jerabos

THE first market in Kitwe that was built in Wusakile by the colonial masters. Picture right, small-scale miners on top of the slag dump. PICTURES: NKOMBO KACHEMBA

KITWE’S Wusakile Township is the home of the infamous Black Mountain and also a habitat for Jerabos, a group of small-scale miners that scavenge for metals in disused dumpsites.
The Black Mountain is a mine slug dump in Wusakile which was created over a long period of time as the mines were pouring slag or half roasted copper ore there.
Charles Chisala, 76, a Wusakile resident shares that when mining started in Kitwe back in the 1940s, the mines were using poor technology to extract the copper ore that was being smelted.
The remaining slag was dumped in an area which is now called Black Mountain.
So the Black Mountain became a magnet that attracted the notorious Jerabos to Wusakile and surrounding townships of Ndeke, Chamboli and Luangwa.
What kind of people are the Jerabos ill-famed for stealing minerals and being mean to other people who cross their paths?http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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