‘I am wrongly being deducted’

Dear CCPC,
I have of late discovered that there is a deduction on my payslip, alleging that I have a running policy with some money lending institution and yet I have not registered for such a policy despite the fact that sales agents from various institutions have been coming to sell their policies to me. My question is, do you also handle such complaints? Please advise using the same platform (facebook) – Anonymous.
Dear anonymous,
Thank you so much for the concern which you have shared with the commission. Such cases have become very rampant lately. In fact, we have met numerous complaints of such nature, especially in places far from the line of rail (rural areas).
Sometimes, you find that a teacher is receiving mysterious deductions for the policy they did not apply for. The payslip indicates that they gotten a loan from the bank and the bank is deducting say K1,000 every month.
In certain instances, a civil servant could have got a loan which he/she finished paying for but, the bank or financial lending institution continues deducting from their salary. Sometimes, they could have gotten a loan with an agreement that the bank or financial lending institution will be deducting a certain amount of money, but what is being deducted is more than what was agreed in the contract.
All these situations are deemed unfair under the Competition and Consumer Protection Act, and consumers are encouraged to come and lodge such complaints to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC).
As a matter of fact, we have handled such cases and some of them are still under consideration. It doesn’t matter how long the deduction has been appearing on your payslip, as long as you are able to show us the deductions on the payslip, we will do everything possible to ensure that you have your money back.
If you can provide us with payslips and other supporting documents showing these deductions, this will help us in our investigations. We will endeavour to ensure that you get your money back and we have helped quite a number of civil servants who found themselves in such situations.
We have also taken note that financial lending institutions’ agents have taken advantage of unsuspecting civil servants in the rural areas to engage in unfair trading.
We have, however, started punishing the perpetrators to discourage them from engaging in such unfair conduct. It is also important that consumers understand the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract document of the money lending institution before getting into an agreement.
For those consumers who are experiencing such situations, kindly come and report them to the CCPC so that we can handle them.
Please e-mail us on: zcomp@ccpc., Visit our Facebook page: www. Consumer-Protection-Commission- Zambia or Follow us on Twitter @ CompComZambia. We are at 4th Floor Main Post Office Building, P.O Box 34919, Lusaka. Telephone: 222775/ 222787, Toll-Free line: 5678 across all mobile phone networks.

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