Letter to the Editor

Wrong people for radar training?

Dear editor,
THE people given the mandate to select suitable and deserving candidates to undergo radar training at KK International Airport should explain how they have used the criteria given to them by THALES/ANTS of South Africa.
THALES/ANTS Group was successfully awarded the tender to supply radar through its South African branch.
We are not happy with the way the trainees have been selected.
Training should be given to deserving candidates at KK and Harry Nkumbula international airports.
What is surprising is that deserving candidates at KK International Airport have been left out.
Instead, the people from Ndola and Mfuwe have been given priority. Mfuwe and Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe won’t have radar facilities soon.
This is a misplaced priority and wastage of taxpayers’ money because the people trained from these two airports will not make use of their new knowledge at any particular time until Government decides to buy radar for them.
We are told that the people questioning such unproductive decisions at KK International Airport are being charged and threatened with dismissals and transfers.
We are asking the managing director of National Airports Corporation to intervene.
How do you train people from places where there will be no radar for a long time, leaving out the people who need it the most?
It is wrong to threaten people with dismissals at the time when the government is trying very hard to create employment.
Isn’t this a threat to good labour laws and workers’ rights? I implore the Minister of Labour and Social Security and the permanent secretary responsible for airports to look into this issue.

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